Friday, December 17, 2004

Zen Moments

I'm listening to the song, "Who Wants To Live Forever" by Queen right this very moment. It was the theme song of the original Highlander movie (alas, the only good Highlander movie, the sequels are all crap.)

It's a very touching song because it was the theme when Duncan MacLeod was burying his dead and decrepit wife while he himself has
remained young, ageless and immortal. The lyrics go

"Who wants to live forever?
Who dares to live forever?
When love must die?"

It's a very sad song but I like it. Perhaps because I know that none of us shall live forever.


Blogger GreenMangoes said...

hello mr. robert! musta? di ka ata masyado sa forum ah?
anywei mag tatanong lang po?

what will be the most controversial experience you have on being a Filipino Atheist? isang positive and negative! para masaya!

ano po bang masama at mabuti for an atheist? i mean... any standards of living? haaayy.. sana ma feature sa YSPEAK, Pipol or any tv local program ang tungkol sa Atheist, so that people will have the chance to be educated about it. yung ibang tao kasi kapag sinabing Atheist masama na agad, oh well... i guess we cant please anybody...

sige, salamat po!

ccigaux (chigo)

p.s. nag lalaro ka ba ng badminton?

1:21 PM  
Blogger bianca said...

i guess the song is bittersweet talaga. :) hey there, have a nice day. bless you. :)

2:17 AM  

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