Tuesday, August 31, 2004

First Post!

I have resisted maintaining a blog because I
felt then, as I do now, that blogs are bound to
take too much of my time. However, I do like writing
and even without intending to, I already have
written a lot of articles in various websites
all over the internet that I decided, "Hey! Why not
go all the way and create a blog so all my writings
are in one place?"

It sounded like a good idea so here I am, toiling
away at my keyboard thinking of something clever to
write as my first post and I have none. Nada. Nil.
Nothing. I have no words I can post. No grand ideas I can
mangle and distort to fit my peculiar viewpoint and
no facts I can fake, tweak and selectively cite to
support my beliefs.

Funny, sometimes all it takes it a single innocuous sentence,
maybe a question from a friend, perhaps a challenge
from someone and I can write furiously for
hours. But this time I have nothing
to write about. Inspiration, where art thou?

I'll just have to wait for the muses
to knock at my door.