Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I am Kriemh.

Hi! I am Kriemhild, wife to Siegfried.


You might be surprised for I am not HellCat- the Filipino Atheist. I am Kriemh, of course, a pseudonym. I love HellCat for I am HellCat's bestest best friend but I am not an atheist. I don't oppose his ideas nor does he intend to influence me (or is it so HellCat?) We were supposed to have a joint blog before to discuss our ideas but it didn't come into form for HellCat and I were too busy to attend to this kind of stuff. (Haven't you notice the dates of previous posts? Obvious, isn't it?) Most often, we are more on discussing and not opposing each other's ideas (again, this is my pov.)

And before I fail to include, I am not a technical person (very much unlike him though), I am an amateur in techie stuff (e.g. HTML).

Oh, btw, this is my first post.